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Master the Culture and Conquer the World!

Vernon Martin attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where he earned a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources.  Previous to attending college Vernon was the lead writer and rapper in the rap group “Edge of Elimination” and produced two CDs as part of the rap group, which sold more than 70,000 copies in the United States and Germany.  In addition, he is a Published songwriter of more than 30 songs.  Vernon was an active member in Americorps as a volunteer while attending College.   Mr. Martin has a strong faith in giving back to the community and went to work for the Boys Scouts of America, in which he held the position of District Executive.  The desire for educational excellence drove him to Regis University where he earned his MBA in Marketing Strategies.  Vernon is also a consultant and a motivational speaker.  Vernon Martin lives in Colorado with his wife and three children.

One of the many reasons that I was inspired to write these books were to get people excited about reading again. My books are meant to inspirer the reader and at the same time learn American history, Sociology, African history, and Anthropology. These fields of study are exciting and fun to research and potentially a solid career choice.

All three books are now available at Amazon.com

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Master the Culture: Because If I Can Do It, You Can Too! is also available and can be purchased as an E-Book. Click on the Master the Culture book below and it will take you to the checkout page.

If you feel that you need a deeper understanding and feel excited about my topics and would like for me to come and speak at your function, please contact me, so we can arrange a date and time for me to come out to your location. Check out my contact page for more information.

Over the last twenty five years the dramatic increase in gang violence, Single parent households, the selling of drugs, multiple baby daddies, the ability to kill your brotha and sista without any remorse is a tell-tell sign in America and particular--the African American community that our cultural beliefs has gone astray. We need to get back to a more moral and ethical way of living. My books "Master the Culture" and "Conquer the Culture" are solutions based books that will challenge your belief system of who we are as a people and give examples to many of our issues and problems that are silently destroying our communities. And if we understand and follow the message and concepts we can quickly change our behavior and how we live in America for a better tomorrow.